About Me

From hosting National Geographic broadcasts to shepherding the Discovery Channel to their first Emmy Award nomination, Michael is a globally respected renaissance educator, speaker, TV host and science education author.  A former marine biologist, Michael completed his graduate studies at the Marine Biological Lab at Woods Hole and worked as a research assistant to a Nobel prize winner in chemistry. Leaving the laboratory, Michael celebrated his passion in education as a K-12 classroom teacher for nearly ten years.

Author to television host, Michael infuses his high-energy style of engagement into the development and production of STEM centric material.  He’s a renaissance lecturer and educator who presents globally to a diverse audience on topics that range from “Becoming a Better Thinker” to “Re-engineering the 21st Century Science Classroom” to his National Geographic stage experience GeoMania!

Michael has written over 25 trade books and coauthored over 60 textbooks.  He has trained Arab educators in the Middle East as part of the Peace Accord, and developed materials for the Discovery Channel, Disney, PBS, Children’s Television Workshop, MTV, The Weather Channel, Discover magazine and “Scientific American Frontiers”. He's also a frequent edutainer on cruise ships.

For decades, Michael has been a STEM and educational advisor to several countries and dozens of school systems around the world. These days, his interests go beyond classroom walls into the synthetic world, where he is at the forefront of developing Virtual Reality field trips.

Xi'an, China
Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum
The major burial pit fo the Terracotta Army